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How to Create your Own ChatGPT SAAS Website


How to Create your Own ChatGPT SAAS Website

  1. Go to Vercel Templates and choose the AI Twitter Bio Generator Template

  2. Deploy the Template to create your own Github Repo of the website template.

  3. Add your OpenAI API key found on the OpenAI website

  4. Deploy the website

  5. Clone the Github Repo to have the website local on your machine

  6. Copy the .env.example file to .env and add your OpenAI API key

  7. Npm install to have the website work locally on your machine

  8. Update the index file to change the prompt from Twitter Bio generation to whatever you would like your app to create with ChatGPT. This could be Facebook advertising headlines, blogs posts, or anything you wish to create with AI!

  9. Commit and push the changes to Github, and Vercel will automatically deploy an update to your new ChatGPT SAAS website!

Please feel free to contact us with any troubleshooting questions.

If you would like us to build you a ChatGPT SAAS website, we are happy to set you up, contact us on our live chat or contact page

ChatGPT SAAS services are sprouting up all over the internet and quickly becoming a very common model for new startups to offer a valuable service quickly and at scale. With this tutorial you will be able to not only interact with ChatGPT on your own website, but offer a specialized service to all visitors of your website. Vercel makes this process extremely easy to setup, so what are you waiting for?